My Portfolio

USC racing

Pedal Box

A Formula SAE pedal box designed to accommodate drivers of all heights


Suspension Upright

A complex part reduced to 3-axis tool-paths using creative fixturing

Personal Projects


A custom solution for automatically setting tool offsets with high accuracy

USC racing

Steel Brake Disk

Formula SAE Brake disk designed to reduce weight and increase cooling

USc racing

Shock Dyno

Low cost shock dyno designed to characterize Ohlins TTX25 Shocks

Brain-Body Dynamics Lab

Strain Gauge Test Bed

Bipedal test bed build to compare elastic strain gauges with load cells

Personal Projects

Acrylic Trophy

A highly polished trophy with a unique aesthetic


Twisted Wing Concept

Twisted wing prototype machined out  of 2 LB foam

First Robotics

Shifting Gearbox

An electric motor gearbox designed with a high gear, low gear, and a brake

First Robotics

Flywheel Gearbox

An electric motor gearbox designed to drive a flywheel and feedwheels

First Robotics

Driver Station

A controls platform created with comfort and strong branding in mind